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Skilled Cleaning Professional with 8+ Years' Experience

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Nearly every job I've had since college has been in the home. From working in elder care to in-home mental health care to co-owning a cleaning business, I've learned that my passion is making homes feel good for those who live in them. 

When it was difficult to go into people's homes in 2020, particularly those with compromised immune systems, I started weeding flower beds to keep the business going and to keep myself busy. While the extra Vitamin D didn't hurt, I also realized that the care I put into tidying up the home could be applied to tidying up the beautiful areas around the home. 

When our homes and gardens are clean, we are better able to relax, notice the beauty, and enjoy our day doing the things we really want to do. 

Hope you have a lovely day,


Superior Cleaning

"I want to recommend to everyone the truly superior cleaning of Jessica Sabo & her cleaning business. I have used her services on a monthly basis for around 4 years, & always look forward to the hours she spends here. She is an expert in what she does, & always leaves my home gleaming, & smelling wonderfully. She is also warm & friendly & engaging.  I have connected her with other friends of mine, & we all agree that she is a national treasure!"

John S.

Longtime Customer

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